July 22, 2005 – 11:43 Romania| Tech

Statistici.ro, second romanian traffic monitoring site in romanian web, seems to join forces with the first player in the market, netBridge Investments’s owned trafic.ro.

Well, joining forces is a sort of saying since the old statistici.ro is still up and running while the new one is running on a new web address, http://new.statistici.ro.

The new statisici.ro, more to say, is getting the different satistics and rankings than the original trafic.ro, and finally, instead of having a unified ranking system, we now have three different ones. The mails coming from the new.statistici.ro administrators are not making any refferences to future plans regarding statistics and rankings, there only some thanks addressed to previous developer of statistici.ro, Realmedia Timisoara.

The design of the new site, is identical with trafic.ro website (even though way more uglyer color scheme), and there nothing mentioned on the way trafic is checked, as statistics were kind of different between the two.



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