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Massive List of ‘HowTo’ Sites + ‘HowTo’ Search Engine

‘HowTo’s (HowTos, HowTo’s, or whatever you prefer to call them) are excellent problems solvers: they provide quick, easy-to-follow and non-overwhelming solutions to one or another problem that pop-up during daily routines. People love them, especially when they’re free, regardless whether it’s a step-by-step guide or a couple of minutes long video.

Good news, the amount of freely available, user-contributed HowTo’s out there is staggering. There is something for everyone: ranging from fun stuff i.e. how to make invisible book shelf, imitate gunshot wounds and even open up a Coke machine to more practical stuff i.e. how to negotiate a raise or tie a Tie. All categorized, commented and rated by users like you and me. Below you’ll find all ‘HowTo’ services we could find, as always all free, well-categorized and hopefully objectively ranked. Plus a bonus ‘HowTo’ search engine at the end. Enjoy!


eHow (over 35.000 HowTo artciles)

WikiHow (over 20.000 articles)

Instructables (approx. 4.500 articles)

HowToDoThings (??? 2500 HowTo artciles)

Koonji (??? HowTo artciles )


VideoJug (approx. 2.500 video HowTo’s). Lets you downloaded videos directly to your iPod. More iPod Tools

ExpertVillage (approx. 17.000 videos)

SuTree (approx. 5.500 videos)

Sclipo (approx. 1000 videos)

TrickLife (approx. 600 videos)

5min (approx. 500 videos)

ViewDo (approx. 350 videos)

HelpfulVideo (approx. 150 videos). Note: some videos require payment

YouTube (category ‘Howto & DIY’)

Metacafe (category ‘Video tips and Guides’)


NewBaby [Parenting / Newborn / Breastfeeding / …. and everything related to babies]

TeacherTube [guides for education courses for Math, Literature and etc.]

Helpero [Computers / Networking / Mobile / Games / Internet]

Work [everything related to Entrepreneurs and Small-Business owners]

ShowMeDo [Computing / Internet / Python / java /Linux/ Ruby /Blender / Graphics / Screencasting]

Video-Tabs [Guitar] – over 200 video HowTo’s


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