The history of Scottish involvement in the British Empire has seen considerable growth in the last two decades. Some of the key themes in this history have been my website the empire as a sphere of opportunity for Scots in terms of imperial careers, emigration to the colonies of settlement, and the impact of empire at home.

  • Judy Murray might be best known as being the mother of Scottish tennis aces, Andy and Jamie Murray, but she is so much more than that.
  • According to the Policy Memorandum, “this step was taken to ensure that the Bill reflects the protected characteristic of sex in the Equality Act 2010”.
  • HolidaysThe Government may also use the app for access to some domestic events, but Ministers are cautious.
  • On the 10th of January 2020 I reached the Geographic South pole and became the youngest woman in history to ski from the coast of Antarctica to the pole at the age of 29.
  • Scotland women’s internationals have been televised by BBC Alba and broadcast by BBC Radio Scotland.

Ms Henderson has found that women are over-represented among Scots who voted No in the 2014 referendum and against Brexit but now support independence. Although the number of women science graduates and postgraduates has increased in recent years, there is still a need to encourage more women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics . It was also difficult for women to gain senior positions in academia, research, and industry.The Royal Societydid not admit women until 1945, while theRoyal Society of Edinburghelected its first female Fellows in 1949. On these pages we will be highlighting a few of the Scottish women who made outstanding achievements in scientific fields from the 18th century onwards. In 2016 and 2017 they supported The Pink Rickshaw, a project that trains women in Lahore, Pakistan, to start their own business as rickshaw drivers for women only. This project enables women to become financially independent and provides a safe means of transport to the women of Lahore.

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She was appointed OBE in 2011 for her campaigning and humanitarian work. The charity began life in 1847 to assist ladies of Scottish birth or education with particular backgrounds who were struggling to survive on low incomes and limited savings. In 1930 it received grant of a Royal Charter from King George V, becoming The Royal Society for the Relief of Indigent Gentlewomen of Scotland and it has evolved to meet the changing needs of society ever since. Click here to find out more about who qualifies for assistance from the Society and the way we make a difference to women’s lives. We aim to encourage personal and professional development for business owners and women who work across all sectors and levels of experience and responsibility. We promote business opportunities by way of sharing news, showcasing businesses, exchanging views, networking and recognising achievement. Kate Dickie is a Scottish actress known for playing important roles in television series like Tinsel Town and Game of Thrones.

Since then, her acting career has gone from strength to strength and she’s taken Hollywood by storm. You may not recognise her under all that make up, but she can be seen alongside the rest of Marvel’s superheroes – playing the character of Nebula in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies as well as The Avengers. She also stars alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black in the Jumanji film series. Scottish singer, songwriter and political activist Annie Lennox achieved international success in the 1980s as one half of the Eurythmics. With eight Brit Awards, including six for Best British Female Artist, she has won more than any other female artist. In addition to her career as a musician, Lennox is renowned for her work to raise funds and awareness for women and children in Africa who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

In 2018, the Scottish Parliament passed the Gender Representation on Public Boards Act, , aimed at improving the representation of women on the boards of Scottish public authorities. The Act was introduced to redress historic under-representation of women on these boards by setting an objective for the non-executive member component in order to achieve 50% female representation. The Act places duties on public authorities, appointing persons, and Scottish Ministers in connection to their role in achieving the gender representation objective. In Scotland, she raised her young family and worked as a school teacher. In 1980s, Lal became involved with the Lothian Racial Equality Council eventually becoming its director in 1990. The first Asian women in Scotland to be appointed a Justice of the Peace, Saroj Lala was a feminist and worked tireless for racial throughout her life. After retiring, Lal was the chair for theNari Kallyan Shanghowhich was set to support Asian Women in Edinburgh .

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Just on our doorstep we have incredible mountain ranges, epic coastlines and beautiful islands to explore. She is the youngest woman to summit both sides of Mount Everest and in 2019 became the first woman ever to ski solo to the South Pole. With her recent, amazing successes, Molly is the perfect person to chat to as we celebrate Scotland’s amazing women. Founder of Kingdom Scotland, Scotland’s first fragrance house, Imogen creates evocative and modern, unisex scents. The scents are expertly crafted using only the most precious natural and aromatic ingredients. Imogen wants to create that ‘sense of place’ with her fragrances and with the success of the house so far – it appears that’s exactly what people are looking for.

After the war, Gray did not want this work to be acquired by the Women’s Work sub-committee of the Imperial War Museum, resisting categorisation as a ‘woman artist’. She studied at Glasgow School of Art, where she later taught fashion design and drawing. She established a successful practice as a portrait painter and exhibited internationally. In 1921, Gray became the first woman appointed to the Hanging Committee of the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts. They include genres from portraiture to abstraction, by way of war service, political comment, response to nature and humorous observation.

Edinburgh Fringe FestivalThe hotly anticipated limited-edition gin has gone on sale just in time for the Fringe festival kick-off where Fleabag was born. Mary Ure (18 February 1933 – 3 April 1975) was a Scottish stage and film actress.

From the mid-sixteenth century they were increasingly criminalised, with statutes allowing them to be prosecuted for infanticide and as witches. Seventy-five per cent of an estimated 6,000 individuals prosecuted for witchcraft between 1563 and 1736 were women and perhaps 1,500 were executed. As a result, some historians have seen this period as characterised by increasing concern with women and attempts to control and constrain them. In addition to the domestic tasks carried out by wives and female servants, many unmarried women worked away from their families as farm servants and married women worked with their husbands around the farm, taking part in all the major agricultural tasks.

With their Buy One Give One scheme, every box of Hey Girls products that you buy means they give a box away to women who can’t afford this basic right. By exercising social and ethical responsibility in every aspect of their work, Celia and her daughters aim to enrich the lives of girls and young women in the UK. Dame Katherine Grainger is a Scottish rower who has amassed five Olympic medals and is recognised as one of Britain’s most decorated female Olympians. As if that wasn’t enough, she also boasts an incredible eight World Championships medals – including six golds! She has been awarded an MBE, a CBE and a DBE by the Queen throughout the years for her services to sport as well as her charity work. Incredibly, the same year she won her first gold medal, at the London 2012 Olympics, she was also studying for her PhD. Better known as her social handle (@lesswastelaura), Laura is a Scotland-based environmental activist and TedX speaker.

Keen on clean and green recycling opportunities, PG Papers, based in Greenock, Scotland, discovered a niche market that has transformed the enterprising firm into a global trading company. Headed up by Poonam Gupta, CEO, who always had a passion to run her own business, it now exports to around 60 countries.

The Scottish Parliament has acted outwith its legislative competence by confusing the distinct protected characteristics of “sex” and “gender reassignment”. The Equality Act only allows for measures for those persons who share a protected characteristic, not for merging different protected characteristics. The Act does not require an appointing person to ask a candidate to prove that they meet the definition of woman in the Act. Originally, the Scottish Government stated that its 50% objective would be for those who are “female or who identify as female”, but after a consultation in 2017 changed this to “women”. According to the Policy Memorandum, “this step was taken to ensure that the Bill reflects the protected characteristic of sex in the Equality Act 2010”. For Women Scotland is a group of ordinary women from across Scotland who campaign to protect and strengthen women’s and children’s rights.

In noble households some received a private education and some female literary figures emerged from the seventeenth century. Religion may have been particularly important as a means of expression for women and from the seventeenth century women may have had greater opportunities for religious participation in movements outside of the established kirk. Women had very little legal status at the beginning of the period, unable to act as witnesses or legally responsible for their own actions.

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Numbering around twenty painters, the group includes John Lavery, Bessie MacNicol, James Guthrie, Joseph Crawhall, Edward Walton, Edward Hornel and Flora Macdonald Reid. Flora, the name of the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, who enjoyed eternal youth, is one of the gently old-fashioned girls’ flower names we think is due for a comeback–alongside cousins Cora and Dora. Also the name of a saint, Flora has long been a favorite in Scotland where it was the name of the young heroine who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie make his way to France. Florence, Fiorella, Fleur, and Flower are translations, but we like Flora best of all.

  • Factors such as family structure, relationship with parents, friendships, bullying , socio-economic deprivation, a young person’s physical health, sedentary behavior, adverse childhood experiences and multiple disadvantage are not included in this report.
  • Not so long ago, Elsie might have been on a list of Names Least Likely to Succeed—but look at her now!
  • They were horrified at the idea that anyone would want to make a film about these girls.
  • It means fair, and has maintained its popularity in Scotland for decades.
  • Flora, the name of the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, who enjoyed eternal youth, is one of the gently old-fashioned girls’ flower names we think is due for a comeback–alongside cousins Cora and Dora.
  • Also, over one and a half million Scots live in other parts of the UK .

YouTube was the only one with a net positive impact, with the other four making feelings of anxiety and depression worse. Ultimately, this research shows that inequality affects girls in all sorts of ways. One seven year old we spoke to told us that she had to wear dresses, be on her best behaviour and wasn’t allowed to climb trees. Another girl, who is 15, said that she felt pressure to look like the Kardashians on social media and believed she had to look perfect all the time. It is clear these issues start affecting girls early on with some girls as young as seven telling us that men stared at them and that boys thought they were soft or couldn’t do the same things as them.

It created a uniform management system for the schools across Scotland, but also allowed for the local management to decide what was best for their schools. This way children of working-class areas, like the industrial schools in North Lanarkshire, were being taught practical skills instead of classes that would never be relevant to their lives. We have come up with an amazing list of names for baby girls from the land of Scotland.

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We all give our personal data out daily – our names, contact details, or other bits of information – and most of us want to be feel sure that our data is being handled properly. Whether it’s just a wee nip or a full on winch, Scottish girls really know their stuff when it comes to the dance of the tongues. Debbie Linden (22 February 1961 – 5 October 1997) was a British glamour model and actress best known for her role as old Mr Grace’s secretary in the sitcom Are You Being Served?

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If you learn a foreign language for example, you can meet and make new beautiful women friends in United Kingdom on our free online dating site instantly. Or may be more, you may find a lovely Scottish girl of your dream and marry her. Cameron Diaz almost single-handedly transported this sophisticated Scottish male surname into the girls’ camp, where it has had a rapid rise to popularity — though it’s never caught up with the boys.

We’ve combined the most beautiful and unique Scottish names for your baby bairn with meanings. From traditional to modern, there are loads of great options to choose from. The issues regarding non-gender sensitive design are well understood – if not yet sufficiently well addressed in the design industry. In the realm of public services, the opportunities unlocked by gender sensitive design are significant; from ensuring women can safely report violence and harassment through to ensuring women can access the benefits they need. Getting gender sensitive design wrong has a significant human cost and a significant financial cost to the State. Response – AcceptGetting service design right for everyone, including women and girls, is a powerful lever for change.

Its the same as girls from any other country, you get some nice and some bad. Sport and play Girls have had enough of gendered toys and want equal opportunities to get involved in sport. As a result of harmful gender stereotypes being reinforced in these areas, girls feel limited from an early age.

We aim always to be clear to you about the way Girlguiding Scotland manages data, so we make sure our privacy notice is up to date. You should read this page from time to time to check that you are happy with any changes we make.

Our research also showed that there is an additional pressure that comes from being a girl in today’s unequal world. 77% of girls aged told us that they were treated differently because they are female, with 28% saying that this happens often or always. Worryingly, nearly one in two said that they felt they would have more freedom to go out by themselves’ if they were a boy.

Scottish names for girls resemble, in some respects, Irish names for girls, with a Celtic influence. SENA aire is the perfect travel accessory for you and your baby this Summer! Whether you’re staying with friends and family, or it’s baby’s first holiday by the sea, it’s your indispensable travel companion. Isla- While Isla does mean island in Spanish, it is also the name of a Scottish river and has traditional ties to both Spain and Scotland. Popularised by the amazing Isla Fisher, it has topped the baby naming charts in recent years.

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Scotland U19 boys clocked up a superb 4-1 victory over England while a clinical opening quarter saw England win over Scotland U19 girls with a 2-0 success. The information on this website is of a general nature and available for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider.

Life and wellbeing Girls and young women are feeling more pressure than ever to look a certain way and many don’t feel like they can be themselves. From online ads to diet products, there are so many things making girls feel inadequate. Scotland, now part of the UK, has a population of 5.3 million, of which 4.4 million are ethnic Scots.

In Scotland, top girl names include Eilidh, Maisie, Skye, and Iona, all ranking in the Top 100. Along with Isla and Paisley, Scottish girl names rankin in the US Top 1000 include Allison, Elsie, Maisie, Mackenzie, and Rowan. Unique Scottish girl names worth considering include Iona, Mirren, and Lillias. Whether you’re embracing your heritage, or trying to find a name that will make him stand out, here are 21 Spanish baby boy names you’re bound to love. Being a mum connects us in a unique experience, a special and beautiful moment in our lives – and we’re all in it together. Get support from fellow mums by joining our #mumtribe on Facebook, and be part of the family.

This research found that emotional investment in social media sites made it difficult to disengage at night due to fear of missing new messages or feeling disconnected. next page Research from a sample of young people in Sweden aged found associations between night time texting, insufficient sleep and tiredness at school .