The fifteen Best Minivans.

Family minivans are first and foremost characterized by their high occupancy. Cars with five or seven seats (including the driver) have a huge luggage compartment and a spacious interior. Depending on the price category is different and the level of comfort, but the most necessary in our country are fully expected to be models with a more affordable price.

The review presents the best minivans that can be purchased in the Russian primary market. The position in the rating takes into account both the manufacturer’s declared characteristics and properties of the models and the perception of the owners, who use a particular brand as a transport for the whole family.

The best minivans with the price to one million and five hundred thousand rubles.

5 Citroen Grand HOJILLA from Spanish to English C4 Picasso.

French home car Citroen Grand C4 Picasso profitable low fuel consumption. This allows the whole family to travel across the vast expanses of the country. In the line of power units the diesel engines of 1.6 liters are especially outstanding. Depending on the modification, they consume 4.0 or 4.3 liters of diesel fuel per one hundred kilometers. With all this the motors are quite massive (120 and one hundred fifteen hp). с.). For the distribution of torque is responsible mechanical or automatic gearbox. The car is perfectly armed, pleasant to spend time on the road will help 7-inch multimedia system. Paving the shortest route will be integrated 3D navigation system.

The automobile owners speak flatteringly about such qualities of Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, as economy, comfort, spacious interior, and rich equipment. As for disadvantages, the users mark difficulties with service of diesel engines, infrequent burnout of lamps of close-by lamps.

4 FIAT Doblo.

The FIAT Doblo makes it easy for the whole family to go on a trip or to move things to a new apartment. Reliability of this Italian minivan simplifies exploitation – a manufacturer gives four years of warranty, during which only timely service is required (obviously, with a sparing driving style, but not on “break”). Coated with zinc body, undemanding engine and high-quality suspension, along with the spacious and comfortable enough interior are the strong point of this versatile car. The already spacious trunk of the minivan can be increased from seven hundred and ninety to three thousand liters. – Decent capacity for the carriage of useful cargo.

With all this, the width of the rear row of seats allows you to fit three adult passengers fully comfortably, not to mention the children. Unfortunately, in Russia do not meet the modification of the FIAT Doblo with a third row – seven seats for a home car could be a more exciting option. It should be noted and the reasonable price of service, and the fact that this car breaks down no more often than the same Тоета from the Land of the Rising Sun (but it costs much cheaper).

3 Рено Dokker.

One of the most accessible minivans on the Russian market is steadily popular. Spacious interior and huge luggage compartment (700 l).) – these properties are ideal for the big family. Despite the absence of a third row of seats (it would have had seven seats) passenger Рено Dokker is considered more versatile minivan. Cargo area rapidly grows to three thousand liters., simply turning a domestic car into a small commercial vehicle.

Such versatility is the best for many motorists in the Russian Federation. Despite the Spartan miniaturism in terms of comfort, each of the three seats of the second row is equipped with a system for securely locking the child seat Isofix. This attribute is appreciated by large families, in which the younger generation is not yet ready for independent boarding. The sliding design of the rear doors, as well as the windows of vent type can be considered an advantage for such passengers. In spite of accessible price, Рено Dokker by reliability and unpretentiousness is not much inferior to automobiles from the Country of rising sun. Very much behind the same Тоета in terms of comfort, this economical minivan in the spaciousness of its own interior – beyond competition.

2 Опель Zafira Tourer.

Опель Zafira Tourer is the third generation of the popular German compact van. Affordable price and small overall dimensions have become the main trump cards against rivals. The Tourer has a number of differences from the traditional Zafira. First of all, the modernization has seriously affected the appearance. The car looks expensive and fashionable. The interior trim will also amuse the users. In this economical car, the interior looks comfortable and chic. Under the hood is installed one of the three turbodiesel engines (110, one hundred thirty and one hundred sixty five hp. с.), also a 1.4 liter gasoline engine with one hundred twenty four and one hundred thirty hp. с. The engines are paired with a 6-speed automatic or 5- or 6-speed manual.

The owners of small-sized minivan Опель Zafira Tourer mark such pluses of the auto as universality, excellent driving properties and reasonable price. The disadvantages are the tough work of diesel engines.

1 Фольксваген Caddy.

German car Фольксваген Caddy, made as a minivan (more popular in Russia and commercial configurations for cargo transportation), for a large family will be a true find. It is not much different from a passenger sedan in terms of comfort, but it has a big advantage in the form of a spacious and comfortable interior. As a home transport Cuddy, like no other minivan, provides reliable control of the young passengers – the rear door is only on the curb side, and the couch consists of three separate seats, which is very comfortable for the installation of children’s seats or boosters.

Like all cars of this concern, Caddy has a good margin of safety and durability. It breaks down very seldom – “illnesses” and defects are alien to this car brand and careful exploitation allows its owner to spend a lot of years only for service works and routine changes. In its own endurance model is fully comparable with counterparts from the Land of the Rising Sun, but at the same time is in the category of minivans with the most easily accessible price tag. This factor, obviously, has a significant impact on the Russian consumer – the model enjoys strong popularity among Russians and deservedly leads the rating of economy models.

The best minivans in the price to two millions five hundred thousand rubles.

5 Citroen Jumpy.

Among the minivans, this French car is the most common and undemanding. Spacious interior has well-known brand features, but looks fresh and presentable. For the passengers there are seven seats (and driver) – a good capacity for a large family. With all this in the economy owner is waiting for a “surprise” – the 3rd row of seats is installed permanently, without the ability to dismantle. More advanced versions are devoid of this misunderstanding, and their luggage compartment can simply be transformed from one hundred forty to one thousand three hundred and fifty seven liters..

To use as a home transport this minivan is comfortable enough. The presence of modern safety systems and active assistive services inspires confidence and greatly simplifies the daily operation. Looks nice and the price offer, which in this category of the rating is the most profitable. From the weaker places the owners in most cases mention a weak suspension. Anyway, it needs close control on Russian roads.

4 Фольксваген Caravelle T6.

For a big family and long-distance trips the Caravelle T6 from the German automobile giant WAG is the best choice for a number of reasons. The van is roomy enough. In the most affordable version with a short wheelbase it has more than comfortable seven seats, with adjustable tilt and the possibility of different installation (both in the direction of travel and opposite). If there is a need to transport cargo, nothing is easier. A car can be transformed into a van which can carry everything in a matter of minutes.

Taking into consideration that only basic configuration is available in this price spectrum, there is no need to speak about any “frills”. Anyway, in the economy version the Caravelle T6 is equipped with everything you need for comfortable travel. The Abs and ESP systems, power steering, independent, and in more expensive versions adaptive suspension essentially relieve the burden on the driver. Power windows, power and heated mirrors, climate system in this minivan is taken for granted. In its own thoughtfulness and the level of little comfort, the Фольксваген Caravelle T6 is very reminiscent of cars of a similar class from the Land of the Rising Sun.

3 Бмв Active Tourer 2.

The minivan from Bavaria is exactly in line with the car brand’s style. Its sporty, compact character is its calling card, determining both its roadholding and the level of “enveloping” comfort. Here one cannot count on spaciousness, as in Тоета Alphard from the Land of the Rising Sun, and unpretentiousness and cheapness in service, as in the Italian model FIAT Doblo. Thus, a little bit high roof does not “press”, and gives sufficient sense of freedom. And here is presence of a front drive one hundred percent breaks the established tradition and behaviour behavioral style of Бмв on road.

Interior is laconically chic, without excesses, but modern enough. True, the projection screen gave way to the retractable screen, but in practicality such decision turned out to be more advantageous. A small-sized minivan with all desire is not able to place a lot of passengers – there is no third row here. With all this back sofa moving, and consists of three chairs, each of which can not only fold down in different proportions, and has a small angle of slope of the back, which together with the climate control system and the overall ergonomics allows passengers to enjoy the minivan comfort of the highest level.

2 Хэндэ H-1.

The Хэндэ H-1 minivan deserves the professionals’ appraisal for such features as multi-functionality and excellent maneuverability. The car behaves perfectly both on the highway and in the city. And this at a length of 5.2 meters. Due to its turning radius of 5.67 meters, the car turns quietly even in a narrow alley. Korean minivans are great not only as a car for the family. Seven seats can be quickly transformed, leaving only two seats. The result is a large cargo area, which many Russians use for commercial activities.

The car comes only with a 2.5 liter diesel engine, it is supplemented by a manual or automatic transmission. Motorists call Хэндэ H-1 the Korean blockbuster, which is multifunctional, affordable price and good maneuverability. From the disadvantages the users mark out the insistence on the quality of fuel and the rear drive.

1 Citroen SpaceTourer.

If you haven’t been in a Gallactic Shuttle, you should test drive a Citroen SpaceTourer – there are many modern safety systems and other electronics, which would not let you get bored on the long journey. The minivan is capacious enough even for a big family – seven seats for passengers and driver’s seat. It should be noted that the car is not perfectly suitable for daily trips in crowded city traffic, as. к. It has enough solid dimensions. Although it does not affect the maneuverability of home minivan, and there are auxiliary safety systems (tracking traffic, approaching other cars in the flow, etc.). д.), to steer the SpaceTourer confidently will need to get used to the car.

In operation, the new car careful owner only enjoys. Like many vehicles from the Land of the Rising Sun (the same Тоета), the French minivan has a warranty of three years, indirectly confirming the reliability and quality of the assembly of this car. In addition, modern and frankly beautiful interior with high-quality trim provides the owner and his passengers a decent level of comfort – many of the rating participants frankly did not stand next to a Citroen SpaceTourer on the level of sound insulation. It is definitely the best in this car.

The best minivans of a premium class.

5 Форд Tourneo Custom.

Kids will like this minivan for sure – in fact, the whole family can go on a trip, including grandparents. Exclusively in the passenger side of the cabin is placed six separate seats, and there is also a driver’s seat and a front couch for two passengers. With all that, the cabin is easily transformable to suit the owner’s needs. Tourneo Custom for a large family can be the best solution not only as a touring car. It is easy enough to drive thanks to high-tech solutions (including the. ч. and active support systems) and, despite its size, feels more than confident in the city traffic, to dispense with the everyday commute.

Having the most affordable price in the category, the van can boast a number of profitable advantages, among which should be noted the highest degree of sound insulation. In the opinion of many owners, it is even more effective than that of the nearest rival in the ranking. It is not necessary to dismiss the safety level – it was estimated in Euro NCAP with five stars. The Tourneo Custom features a highly rigid body structure (you may even notice it when manoeuvring) and each second-row seat is equipped with ISOFIX child seat fixation. Driver and front passenger airbags are also available, including. ч. side airbags.

4 Peugeot Traveller.

It is typical for French automobile concerns to make minivans with a romantic bent. Peugeot Traveller is a romantic with a decent appearance. Thanks to the 2.0 litre diesel engine, long journeys will not be expensive. к. Consumption of diesel fuel on the highway is only 5.2-5.8 liters per one hundred kilometers. The car can be equipped with manual or automatic transmission, the economy is also due to the front wheel drive. Seven seats curiously distributed over the rows, three seats are available in the last row.

So that the driver does not get tired on the road, there is a cruise control, lane control, presence of objects in the blind spot, the speed limiters. Peugeot Traveller minivan is a beautiful domestic car. It combines romanticism of the interior with external solidity. Its disadvantages are insufficient noise protection of the interior and problematic transformation.

3 Фольксваген Multivan.

The German minivan with seven seats (together with driver) features the highest level of comfort even in the basic configuration. This is the sixth generation, to which the manufacturer went long sixty-five years. It is not unusual that this car is not easy to find any faults – Фольксваген Multivan can be safely called one of the most “thoughtful” and reliable in its class. As the definition of minivan for commercial transfers, it has proved itself as a home vehicle. With all that, the capacity of the trunk is especially enthusiastic – five thousand eight hundred liters. of usable volume will allow you to get by on your own, even when you move.

With all that, the Multivan is also economical – the engine with a turbine (2.0 TDI MT) in the city traffic consumes only seven liters of. diesel fuel. This figure is not much different from the consumption of passenger cars, which indicates the highest efficiency of the motor and gearbox. The factory warranty on this minivan is only two years, but with careful attitude, a Фольксваген Multivan can achieve a dozen years just for the timely routine maintenance.

2 Тоета Alphard.

Minivan from the Land of the Rising Sun Тоета Alphard belongs to the status cars. It has a number of positive features, which are inherent in the premium SUVs and sedans. Тоета can be used both for family trips and for business trips. In our country the car comes only with a gasoline engine 3.5 liters. Its capacity is three hundred hp. с., and fuel consumption in the mixed cycle exceeds the mark of ten liters per one hundred kilometers. The interior feels luxurious, all the materials are high-quality and expensive.

The upholstery and seats are upholstered in perforated leather, and wood inserts look harmonious. A huge number of options allows choosing the best local climate for each passenger. The owners of a Japanese minivan Toete Alphard satisfied roominess, solidity and comfort. The disadvantages may include a higher cost and a high transport tax.

1 Mercedes-benz V-Class.

A new design concept gives Mercedes-benz V-Class minivan a unique style which distinguishes this car among competitors. Due to the highest level of comfort, the car is ideal for family trips, as well as for business trips. The majestic origin gives out a branded grille and a beautiful headlamp. The minivan is offered in several body styles: small, long and extra long. Under the hood can be located one of the three diesel engines (136, one hundred sixty-three or one hundred ninety hp). с.). For distribution of torque may be used both a 6-speed manual transmission and automatic 7G-Tronic Plus.

Owners of German minivans Mercedes-benz V-Class note the well-known car design, comfortable interior, a reliable diesel engine. The drawbacks include frequent brake failure and sharp tire wear in the long wheelbase versions.



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