LEGO Super heroes 76159 Joker Tricycle Pursuit

LEGO Super heroes Joker Tricycle Chase is a great gift for fans of Batman and Joker, famous characters in comics and movies. The set is complete with vehicles and cool weapons that kids can use in their games.

The set includes 3 vehicles: Batman’s car, Joker’s three-wheeled motorcycle, mini motorcycle, and 4 minifigures: Batman, Harley Quinn, Joker, Robin. Choose the side of the fight and go into battle!

The Batmobile is 9 cm high, 10 cm wide and 17 cm long. The vehicle is equipped with an opening cockpit and a removable engine. The dimensions of the Joker transport: 11 x 15 x 11 cm, it is equipped with a firing mechanism and a movable hood in the form of a smile, which opens and closes while driving.

In a set of 440 parts made of high quality, durable and colorful plastic.

batmobile; Joker motorcycle; mini motorcycle; 4 mini figures; accessories; instruction.

Constructor play develops imagination, attention, creativity, imagination and fine motor skills.

Recommended for children from 7 years old.

LEGO bricks are world famous products with a rich history.

In 1932, Ole Kirk Christiansen founded his company in Denmark, which began with the production of ladders, ironing boards and wooden toys. His son, Gottfried Kirk Christiansen, has been involved in his father’s business since the age of 12. In 1934, the word LEGO was born, which was formed from the expression Leg godt, which in Danish means “fun game”.

Currently, LEGO is the name of the company and its products. Later it was found that in translation from Latin this expression means “I study”, “I add up.”

The main stages of development of the LEGO brand.

Seriously damaged during the Second World War, in 1944 the LEGO company was transformed into a limited liability family business. Three years later, LEGO became the first Danish firm to acquire a machine that molds plastic into molds for making toys. And two years later, the company produced about 200 different plastic and wooden toys, including the easy-to-connect building elements that were the predecessors of the Lego brick.

In 1955, the brand released a game system of 28 Lego sets and 8 vehicles that made a splash. In the same year, plastic toys for children were exported to Switzerland.

It took the company about ten years to improve the materials of manufacture and fastening of parts. As a result, in 1968 the brand received its first prize by taking part in the competition for the best children’s toy, which was held in Luxembourg. During this time, the firm began developing major product lines such as the LEGO Duplo and LEGO TECHNIC.

With the assistance of the publisher of the same name, 9 new books were written and 19 short films for children were created, which appeared on the market in a number of European countries in 1986. Each Lego set tells its own story that invariably captures both children and adults around the world.



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