Djeco Octopus 08405.

Team board game for kids Octopus eight thousand four hundred and five from the company Djeco.

Djeco Octopus eight thousand four hundred and five is an interesting board game for kids, ages 3 to 7 years old. It helps develop your child’s reaction time, attention, motor skills and manual dexterity. This set is designed for 4 participants, it is suitable for boys and girls. Particularly fun this game will be young fishermen. It helps children act perfectly in a group, doing a common task.


Game set, released by the manufacturer Jeko, is made of ecologically unstained wood. It contains paper that is dyed with natural dyes. Wooden rods are equipped with magnets. The main figure is painted in bright red, and the fish are multicolored. Over time, the colors do not fade, and the paint does not peel off. The best French painters, who decorate children’s toys, have worked on the design of the pieces.


In the set “Octopus” you can see the following items:

Two fields to play. The octopus, which must be assembled from two parts. Twelve fish out of wood. Two fishing rods equipped with magnets at the end. An hourglass for four minutes.

It also comes with a Russian-language manual, so that adults can explain the game to your child.

The plot.

In the harbor, the octopus let loose an ink slick to drive away all the fish around him. A big school of fish makes a lot of noise, which disturbs the undersea creature’s peaceful existence. This black liquid can harm the floating fish around. To prevent this from happening, you need to move all the fish out of the muddy waters into an uncontaminated pond. This is done with rods that have magnets on the end. The fish are equipped with metal elements, so that the magnetic part can perform a grip.

The muddy part of the water with the main character is one playing field. And the unpolluted pond is the 2nd field. Four minutes are given to complete the task, which is measured by the hourglass. If kids do not have time to catch all the little inhabitants of the sea world, the game starts over again.



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