SanDisk Extreme Pro U3.

Despite the fact that many do not recommend SanDisk for DVRs, this particular model has proven to be quite good for video. The recording speed is excellent, but the price is higher. Works well in action cams, high bitrate 4K DVRs and phones. Not to be confused with the popular Ultra A1, which is rated U1. The kind of option where you know what you’re paying for.

Viofo U3.

A branded contract card with multi-layer MLC memory and high write speeds. A great model for 4K or high bitrate 2-channel recorders with high rewrite cycles. No such thing as fakes, especially since you can only buy from the viofo branded shop on Aliexpress anyway. That would be great, but you have to pay for quality.

Kodak U3 V30 A1.

A bestseller on Taobao, China’s domestic marketplace. Good cards for their price, kodak franchise. Don’t expect high reliability, but the price is tasty and the speed is enough for QHD with bitrate up to 30mbit/s. Don’t be confused, seller has many options, only the U3 64-128GB is worth taking.

Mixza U3 V30.

A well-known Chinese brand that’s been loved for its price. Although it’s not that low for a U3 model. A large number of sales, but alas, not the highest reliability cards. Read/write speed is good for almost any gadget. If you want to use this brand, you should use it in bulk, as a spare, better for non-permanent writing gadgets, like phones.

Toshiba Exceria M303 A1 V30.

These cards are not popular in Russia, but in the meantime they are also omnivorous for many gadgets. No fakes have been found. Many brands use these cards as branded cards, only from M302 series (white and red). This new M303 range is more productive.

Which card is suitable for a video recorder? – Almost any card from the list Which card is suitable for GoPro, Aee, Sony action cameras? – 3 and 4 What kind of card is suitable for a 4K phone? – 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 options Which is better in a camera? – Buy an SD card, not microSD, but SD without an adapter.

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